My name's Amanda Donnelly, I'm 20 years old and I live in Torbay.
I aspire to be an art teacher, but my life would be fulfilled if I made money from my artwork.
But that's a long way down the road of practice.
This is a blog for my own artwork.

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Final piece for college, it’s taller than I am (I’m around 5ft9) and took around 21 hours overall
Done using acrylic paint and Posca pens
College work, pen sketch
Photographs of a custard cream diorama I made at college in 2012I handmade the entire structure and drew the interior I apologize for the terrible photo quality 
A final piece from my college project on eating disorders in 2012
These are typography/printmaking experiments from a project on eating disorders I had done in college in 2012
Etching in Printmaking from college work in 2012
This is a quick clay model of the Chrysler Building, this was an experiment in ceramics
Sorry for the terrible quality of photograph
Rolo made from crushed rolos


Okay so I have Flikr now for my university applications, if you fancy a look at anything I’ve done over the past year or so, maybe check it out?

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So I made this sword for Halloween 2013 (I was Fionna The Human from Adventure Time) and I completely forgot to upload a photo. It was around 42 inches long, maybe more, and made completely from scratchI apologize about the poor photo quality (again)